Why Advantage Dental?

Dr. Karen Mills has been in dentistry for over forty years. Recently, we have seen an exploding number of patients who are unable to afford quality dental care. Occasionally we'll see "free dentistry" clinics pop up, and we've noticed the overflow of people in need. We see them camping out the night before to be the first in line for a first come-first served system.

Because we understand the connection between oral and overall physical health, we feel that there should be a place people can go to obtain the care they deserve for an affordable price. Hence, we've designed the New Patient Introductory Plan. This plan is geared towards the uninsured person in need of basic care; like routine dental cleanings, extractions and fillings.

Each new patient has the opportunity to take advantage of this introductory plan for a period of six months after their initial examination. After six months, we're still in your corner, with our In House Dental Plan. For an annual fee, you can continue to enjoy savings over the long term. Ask our team for details of this plan.
Example of fees for the New Patient Introductory Plan:

Adults   Children  
Routine Cleaning 80.00 Cleaning with Fluoride 65.00
Routine Extraction 175.00 Routine extraction (baby teeth) 50.00
Surgical Extraction 250.00 1 surface filling 67.00
1 Surface Filling 95.00 2 surface filling 75.00
2 Surface Filling 110.00 3 surface filling 87.00
3 Surface Filling 147.00    

This plan does not cover deep periodontal cleaning. However, there is a 20% savings for this service with our In-House Plan.
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